Lets cut the cost of buying a new iPhone by getting iPhone screen repair near you

Lets cut the cost of buying a new iPhone by getting iPhone screen repair near you


Ahh!! Looking for a new phone because just your screen got damaged? No worry, just get your iPhone screen repair and save a big budget with Discount phone repair.


Buying a new iPhone is much costlier than getting your screen repair with the original specifications. If you look around will find every second user having a cracked phone. But you can be different by changing your damaged iPhone into new. 

Purchasing a new iPhone will cost more than $1500 which will increase the overall budget. To overcome this, make your older iPhone a new look with no changes. Rather than buying a new iPhone, an old iPhone screen repair can give you more benefits.

Low cost

The cost of iPhone screen repair will be less than $500. But purchasing a new phone can increase the expenses more than 3 times of screen repair. You can make your damaged phone into new at the lowest cost that it operates like new. 

Replace with original specifications

Investing huge cost in screen repair but still getting a duplicate replacement is like letting your cost go into the water. But discount phone repair will replace with an original specification to get your iPhone screen repair. They provide guaranteed and trusted results. Make your damaged phone into a new, to love your iPhone again. 

Best offer can cut more cost

It’s like getting buy 1 get 1 free. Find the store that can operate the iPhone screen repair in the offer. Contact Dprfix for the best offers that will help you to repair your phone in the lowest budget. 

Personal data recovery

Whether your screen is damaged, or the phone got dumped in the water. Get your phone repair with safety. Repairing an old phone can retain your data. Dprfix secures the data and also helps to recover old data. 

Old phone turn into a new one

cost-saving is simple. Just invest it where it requires. You will love your damaged phone once again it got repaired. Get your iPhone screen repair and enjoy all features that like a new phone. Without any data loss, and with original replaced specifications. 


With Discount phone repair it’s become easier to get iPhone screen repair. With no prior appointment, a mobile technician can solve the problem. There is no physical presence required. Just fill the inquiry form, and we repair your phone in 3 easy steps.

Courier your phone to the nearest address

Choose the location which is nearer to you most. Whether its Langely BC New Westminster, we are present on both. Next just courier the phone and save you valuable time in other work. 

Experts will diagnose 

The time we received your phone our experts will diagnose the phone. We will solve the problems as mentioned by you in the inquiry form. We will get your iPhone screen repair on the same day, you can track through the online software that on which step we have reached in fast repairing.

Receive the phone to given address 

Once the phone is repaired, there is no physical requirement to pick your phone. We will courier to your given address in the form. No worry, no extra time required, just fill the form receive your damaged phone into new with original specification replacements.

If you have decided to get your iPhone screen repair or any damaged phone please send your inquiry to us. Dprfix will be happy to assist you in the phone damaged to repair it by our expert team.  

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